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Busia, Uganda


Women Empowerment

Some of the activities that sustain women livelihoods in Busia community, Uganda.

Busia District Mission

Empower Women through Education

We   are committed to the empowerment of women groups through awareness raising on their rights, roles and responsibilities, to enable them get actively involved in decision making processes for improved livelihoods.

The objective of this empowerment program is to provide education, employment assistance, health, and housing and support services to women who are in disadvantaged positions due to poverty, homelessness, and HIV/AIDS infection. Our goal is to provide case management, support services, basic skills education and resource coordination that can offer viable alternatives of life.


Busia District Mission, a project of Defender Africa Foundation provides vocational training to Ugandan women who are striving to become self-sufficient and provide for their families’ basic needs. The majority of the women in this program are young, single mothers who are struggling to feed their families. The women undergo an extensive one-year tailoring course.

The women live in Busia District Community f while attending our onsite 12-month vocational training school where they develop tailoring skills and learn valuable business practices.

Once a woman graduates from the program she receives a small business loan allowing her to purchase her own treadle sewing machine. She is then able to start her own tailoring business and earn an income that can provide food, education and basic necessities for her family.

Defender Africa Foundation is to empower Ugandan’s growing number of young, single mothers to become self-sufficient and able to educate and support her family.

Poverty in rural areas of Busia direct impact of widow and orphan children as they do not have to eat and financial stability to purchase food as per need, DAF want to support economically these widow women groups with small business and food for children to support widow women and orphan children in Busia District, mostly the poor families residing in slum areas.


During the visit of Defender Africa Foundation staff in Busia in widow women groups and orphan center the widow women share their issues of poverty and no of widow women facing deep poverty in slum areas, some women helping other women with little support of food and work. DAF want to help these women to empower some 60 widow women with economic support and help them with skills and one time financial support.


On Feb 11, 2021, with generosity, DAF will begin to build the capacity of widow women and skill them to earn at their household level. Small shops and sewing skills will be promoted in widow women and orphan children will go to school to become better leader in future to save themselves & empower towards their sustainability

Long-Term Impact

Widow women will have their own business & skilled to live respectfully and orphaned children will literate and having good jobs & business in coming future.