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Busia, Uganda


Community Development

With your support the rural youth of Masinya County in Busia-Uganda will be empowered to ensure sustainable food production and food security for future generations. At least 175 students will develop skills on sustainable farming, animal husbandry, food processing and marketing, and will further disseminate these skills within the local communities enabling the small-scale farmer fully utilize the good agricultural potential of the County.


Youth play a key role in improving Uganda’s fragile food security. The population growth and continued subdivision of agricultural land combined with high prices of agricultural inputs and inadequate knowledge of suitable techniques have significantly compromised the land productivity. Young people do not see any income generating opportunities in rural areas and migrate to the cities, leaving the great agribusiness potential of the country untapped and leaving it to the elderly within society.


This project will empower rural youth to take on their role in securing sustainable food production for future generations. This will be achieved through introduction of ecological farming techniques, food processing and marketing into everyday life. The schools will also become the knowledge hubs for local small-scale farmers, to whom the schools gardens, animal husbandry and food processing facilities as well as trained teachers and students will be available.

Long-Term Impact

Over the long term, the project will increase agricultural production and income of schools and small farms, therefore contributing to an improved food and nutrition security and better living standards of at least 175 students and dozens of small scale farmer families living around the schools. The project will also contribute to sustainable agri-business knowledge generation and sharing within the target areas.