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Busia, Uganda


Children Sponsorship

Primary education has been free in Uganda since 1996. However the reality of a government funded education for 6 million pupils across 25,000+ primary schools is that limited financial resources are spread very thinly when faced with the demands of employing sufficient teachers, providing adequate resources and investing in infrastructure. The introduction of free primary education set Uganda on the way to achieving universal primary education. We exist to make it an education worth having.


In schools, particularly those in rural communities, class numbers are high, classrooms are dilapidated and over-crowded, and there is an acute shortage of even basic learning resources. We are working with a cluster of primary schools in a single rural community to improve the quality of education by ensuring that schools are equipped to deliver a primary education worth having.


Our holistic response enhances learning environments by upgrading infrastructure, supplying key resources and materials, and improving pupil welfare and well-being.

Long-Term Impact

Our work is helping to create a better educated generation of young people equipped with the knowledge and capacity to rise out of poverty and improve their own lives and future prospects and that of their families.

 Long-Term Impact

1) Higher Literacy Levels in the community

2) Improved Health

3) Fairly Distributed access to Education for both boys and girls

4) Fewer cases of Destitute and abandoned children

5) Widespread engagement in economically viable activities

6) Economic empowerment of women and girls